3dkad supports the marketing of the exclusive residential building, situated near the mountains, close to Sofia/Bulgaira. December 2014

3dkad has supported Rohde und Scharz Immobilien with some atmospheric images for the marketing of the living spaces of the project Tassilofts. 2015

Sebastian Carée

For the company Glas Bau GmbH 3dkad has done a couple of fotoreal Visualizations for a residential project in Mindelheim. 2016


3dkad supports Lang Hugger Rampp GmbH with some siteplan images for a coming residential project in Munich. 2016


3dkad has created two interior visualizations for the project Living at Lohgraben for Rose Raum GmbH. Finished: 2015 More...


3dkad made two images of the semi-detached house at the Windeckstr. in Munich for the Dittscheid Gruppe. Finished 2015

3dkad creates the images of the the two residential buildings for I.C.H. Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH. Situated in Sendling and designed from Architekturbüro Hetfleisch & Leppert, the both structures offer large and noble appartments, which have been presented with VR device too. 2016. More...


3dkad creates three garden visualizations of two houses in Gräfelfing for RV Wohnbau GmbH. Finished 2016

3dkad has supported the design process with 3d modeling and done the renderings for the project in Kitzingen for Rosentritt Wohnbau GmbH. Finished: 2016 More...

3dkad has made the renderings of the project for two residential buildings for Dittscheid Gruppe at Euckenstraße, Munich. Designed 2013

Krämmel Penzberg

3dkad has created two atmospheric images of the residential project from Lang Hugger Rampp GmbH in Penzberg for the company Krämmel GmbH. Finished: 2015

Redutta SOF

3dkad did two images for a client from Sofia, Bulgara. Finished 2016


3dkad generates some images of a residential building for a private customere close to Sofia, Bulgaria. Finished 2016

3dkad supports Oechsner Architekten Ingenieure with the visualizations of the different versions of a Villa for a private customer. Finished 2014


3dkad has generated the renderings for the project Wohnen am Kolster, designed from Architekturbüro Hettfleisch & Leppert for the real estate department of Sparkasse Dachau. Designed 2014-2015


3dkad did the rendeings of one family house in Emplstraße for RV Wohnbau. Designed 2015


3dkad generated the images of an residential building, designed from OEAI for Rosentritt Wohhnbau GmbH in Fürth. Designed 2015


3dkad provided the images of an residential building in Sofia, Bulgaria for Zstyle Architects. Designed 2015


3dkad made the images for a residential building with a beautiful mountain view in Murnau for IMMO-VILALTA GMBH.Designed 2014. More...