BMW Lisbon

For the presentation of the new BMW 6er in Lisbon 3dkad has generated a couple of rendernigs for architects company. Designed: 2014

BMW Spaltenburg

For a presentation of the new X6 3dkad has created a couple of interior visualizations for architect company. Designed 2014

For a BMW i8 event 3dkad visualized a couple of images for architect company.

Allianz Paris

3dkad has created a couple of renderings for e.w.enture GmbH which presented an event of Allianz in Paris.

Audi Truck

3dkad has supported e.w.enture with the design and renderings for a temporary Audi exhibition container. 


3dkad has generated some renderings of a temporary pavilion of Bentley at the Munich airport for e.w.enture GmbH. Designed:2013