3dkad has generated the renderings for a case study of a residential building in Fürstenfeldbrück. Designed: 2015


For a case study for the possible design of an AOK branch office 3dkad has supported OEAI architekten ingenieure with some 3d renderings. 


For an appointment at the city construction department in Munich 3dkad has made for architect Willfurth some renderings of the possible elevation design of the project at Hochstr.9. Designed: 2016


3dkad helped arch. Georgi Temelkov wir some 3d renderings for a case study of a hotel in Bayern. Designed: 2015


3dkad has supported Preuss GmbH for a case study. Designed: 2015

3dkad has supported the project development of a project in Düsseldorf.

Bäckerstraße, Pasing

3dkad has created a couple of visualizations of the project Bäckerstraße, Pasing, Munich for KSP Architekten. Designed 2015


3dkad has supported Hingerl Architekten with the 3d visualizations of the project for a possible energetic reconstruction of the academy for political science in Tutzing.

Ringstrasse Neu Ulm

3dkad has provided a couple of renderings to Zinner Ingenieure for the project at Ring Strasse in Neu Ulm. Designed 2015


3dkad has generated some 3d visualizations of the possible variations of an elevation for Preuss GmbH. Designed 2015

3dkad has supported Stenger2 Architektur GbR with some case study renderings of a powerhouse in Aubing. Designed 2015